Log Home and Timberframe Style Wood Floors

Create the perfect log home or timberframe environment with our reclaimed wood floors.  From our rustic grade to a cleaner select grade we have the ideal floor for the application. 

Log Home Wood Countertops, Table Tops and Bar Tops

Timberframes and log homes just feel right with wood countertops, table tops and bar tops. Natural woods, rustic woods and antique woods all work well in this design style. Mix and match stone and wood for another really great look.

Log Home Style Wood Paneling

What log home or timberframe is complete without wood paneling in at least some locations. Our wood paneling products are diverse and offer the ability to differentiate themselves from the norm. We encourage you to look into some of our unique choices.

Log Home Timberframe Style Wood Beams

As many of our beam types will work well with many design styles and color choices we suggest viewing our beams by type for the best selection.

Log Home Style Wood Fireplace Mantels

We create custom wood fireplace mantels for you from a wide variety of reclaimed material choices, including any of our beams as well as box beams. As our fireplace mantels work well with many design styles and color choices we suggest viewing our mantels by type or price for the best selection. 

Antique Lumber For Log Homes and Timberframes

True Antique Dimensional Lumber. Sizes range from 3/4 inch thickness to 2 inch thickness by 2 inch width to 14 inch width and wider. This Antique Lumber has endured generations of use. The lumber comes from old buildings - no longer able to be useful in their present condition.

Rustic Antique Tin for Log Homes and Timberframes

For that special project nothing takes the place of our Antique Tin. Protecting there inhabitants for generations, this decorative material has the look that only time can create. Weathered and rusty, Antique tin is a unique material that is perfect for lots of creative environments. Antique tin can be used in a variety of applications.

Log Home Timberframe Style Antique Stone

Add that special touch to a new or historic project with antique stone products. The term "they just don't build em' like they used to" truly applies with antique stone. Deep rich patinas differentiate the antique stuff from their newly quarried counterparts,