• Reclaimed Antique Walnut Cabinet Lumber

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    Reclaimed Antique Walnut Description:
    With no substitutions, antique walnut is a rare and beautiful wood indeed. Usually straight grained with a coarse but uniform texture, reclaimed antique walnut combines a beautiful array of colors, from deep rich browns to almost blonde sapwood with purplish undertones. This rare reclaimed wood will change over time, like a fine wine becoming more subtle with age. Prized thorough history as a premier wood for cabinetry and furniture, walnut is a true classic. Reclaimed antique walnut is a prized find in our world, found occasionally in mixed wood barns from the 1800’s where, for convenience sake, the farmer utilized those trees closest to the structure. Good news for us!

    Reclaimed Antique Walnut Cabinet Lumber Specifications:
    Thickness: 4/4, 8/4

    Reclaimed Antique Walnut is 100% FSC Certified Recycled and eligible for LEED Credits.

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    Acclimating wood products

    Proper acclimation of wood products prior to installation is essential to a succesful finished product. Always allow plenty of time after recieving any wood product for the material to properly and completly acclimate to its new envirenment. This is typically accomplished in a week or two by placing the material as close to its final installation area as possible. HVAC systems should have been running prior to material arrival and set at normal living conditions for a proper acclimation of the wood products.  
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