Antique Reclaimed Softwoods Grey Milled Barn Wood Paneling

A variety of mixed grey softwood barn siding that is lightly planed/skimmed on the rustic face with our standard tongue & groove edges.

Antique Reclaimed Softwoods Natural Milled Barn Wood Paneling

A variety of mixed natural (unpainted) softwood barn siding that is lightly planed/skimmed on the rustic face with our standard tongue & groove edges.

Lilly Pad - Smooth Barn Wood Paneling

A simpler place, the old mill pond shimmers in the afternoon sun. Go ahead, skip a rock, just watch out for the lilly pad. Subtle hues of grey and green combine to create soft earthy tones.

Snow Day - Smooth Barn Wood Paneling

Snow day is a refined clean and smooth surface with ivory tones and subtle wood grain. Wake up to a foot of fresh snow! Indoor games? Playing in the snow? Maybe just watching it snow more, just don't forget to enjoy some hot chocolate.

Mirror Pond - Smooth Barn Wood Paneling

Reflections in the mirror pond appear somewhat grey and cloudy at first glance. Light greys and silver tones shimmer across the smooth surface in the morning sunlight. As the sun rises, Let the day begin.

Dark Char - Smooth Barn Wood Paneling

Simple yet sophisticated barn wood. Dark Char has an almost burnt feel, deep hues with black tones and a subtle grain pattern.

Honey Wheat - Smooth Barn Wood Paneling

Aged and colored by nature honey wheat is amber, brown and gold on a smooth barn wood surface. A true medly of fall harvest colors.

Hot Ember - Smooth Barn Wood Paneling

Deep gold and red pine tones emerge from dark colored weathered wooden planks to create a timeless feel. Warm and with plenty of time worn texture Hot Ember is one cool floor!

Milk Paint - Weathered Barn Wood Paneling

In it's former life it was the old dairy barn. Strong and proud, maybe it's been well fortified? Faded white showing the old wood in spots where the paint had worn through the layers of time.

Lichen - Weathered Barn Wood Paneling

When the conditions are just perfect, weathered barn wood siding takes on a very unique grey color that has subtle hints of khaki. These beautiful tones are rare indeed and prized by designers for their subtleness.

Grey Mist - Weathered Barn Wood Paneling

Silver grey tones with hints of natural wood poking through in the sunlight. Faded by the heat of the day and textured by wind and rain these planks are history in the making.

Deep Fog - Weathered Barn Wood Paneling

Wake up early in the morning and take a long walk in the thick fog. Dark and grey it envelops you as you briskly stroll along. Some will say it is as invigorating as that first espresso, make mine a double. 

Tobac - Weathered Barn Wood Paneling

For generations the valuable crop was dried and stored in these majestic structures. Striking amber and brown hues have combined through time to create this rich patina, classic look for sure.

Sun Burnt - Weathered Barn Wood Paneling

Deep weathered texture covered in sun drenched black with rich undertones. The prairie sun has beat down on this hay barn day after day for almost a hundred years, almost burnishing the wood.