Wind River Rustic Wood Paneling

With a rustic re-sawn texture our wind river paneling is a perfect fit for many applications. In addition to being great paneling for walls and ceilings wind river also works well as a trim or veneering material. Wind river is comprised of a mixture of North american pine species.

Elk Ridge Rustic Wood Paneling

Crafted from the exterior skins of our reclaimed dimensional lumber and beams Elk Ridge Rustic Wood Paneling is an ideal rustic material for a wide variety of applications. From wall and ceiling paneling to trim and veneer material elk ridge rustic is a great looking and economical choice.

Reclaimed Antique Wood Paneling

Our Antique Wood Paneling is custom milled utilizing antique wood reclaimed from old buildings, barns and rural structures that pre-date the 1930's. Antique beams, dimensional lumber and siding are hand picked by our dedicated staff and created into the best reclaimed antique wood paneling products in the industry. State-of-the-art machinery, antique wood, and employees that care come together to produce timeless antique paneling using materials that have been given a second chance.

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The Naturals Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Truly a unique old wood product, antique mixed wood paneling offers a wide variety of color tones and tons of character inherent in old wood. Our sourcing crew is able to select boards from various stocks and divert their energies to character and diversity. This makes for paneling emphasizing not only on quality, but individuality.

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Milled Barnwood Paneling

Antique Milled Barn Wood Paneling is carefully milled from antique barn wood. Antique milled barnwood paneling is perfect for interior wall and ceiling paneling. The aged siding reclaimed from the walls of century old utilitarian structures is skim planed to provide a smoother surface while retaining the character found in each plank.

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Original Barnwood Paneling

Weathered to rustic perfection, Decorative Antique Barn Wood Paneling has withstood the test of time, and also makes superb decorative wall paneling. Rich with a working history, the timeless beauty of antique barn wood is unmistakable. No two planks of antique barn wood siding are the same.

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Hardwood Paneling

Old Growth Hardwood Paneling offers a variety of looks to complement our antique reclaimed wood products and wood wall panels. Our grading ensures that our customers find the right look, either with the more formal premium select grade or the knots and grain character inherent with our country select grade.

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European Wood Paneling

Classic style with a modern twist. European woods combined with contemporary colors, textures and of course, emotions! Featuring wide widths and long lengths these stylish planks are sure to impress in any environment from traditional to ultra modern.

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